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    Executive Star Inc. talented policy for intoxicating substances

    Executive Star Inc. believe that illegal drugs and the abuse of alcohol have no place in the work environment. Each employee is aware of workplace safety, realizing that impaired employees cannot perform safely or productively. The Executive Star Inc. requires that all employees report to work and remain in a condition that is free from the effects of alcohol or unlawful use of drugs. All employees should remain alert to impaired behavior or substance abuse by others and report any concerns immediately to the company. The legal use of prescribed drugs is permitted on the job only if it does not impair the employee’s ability to perform the essential functions of the job effectively in a safe manner for the employee. While on Company premises, (including any vehicle), working offsite or while fulfilling any job responsibilities on behalf of the Executive Star Inc. forbids the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of controlled substances (excluding the lawful possession and use of prescription drugs, as described above), and the unauthorized and/or unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of alcohol. It is expected that employees exercise good judgment when consuming alcohol at these functions.

    As a condition of employment, all employees must abide by these expectations. Further, as a condition of employment, employees must notify Executive Star Inc. management within five (5) calendar days, if he/she is convicted of a criminal drug violation Drug and alcohol tests are administered as part of the employment process and every two years after. An independent, professional laboratory will be used to test for the presence of controlled substances and alcohol when testing is necessary. Termination of employment and withdrawal of a conditional employment offer will occur as a result of:

    •    violation of any provision of this policy

    •    an unacceptable test result

    •    submission of one diluted sample (absent a medical explanation)

    •    refusal to submit to a test when requested (such action will be treated as a voluntary resignation)

    Violations of this policy can result in disciplinary action against the employee up to and include employment termination. Violations of the policy can also lead to a referral to appropriate law enforcement authorities for criminal prosecution.

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