• McKinney sights (Texas)

    Do you like to wander around vintage stores, where you can unexpectedly find items that your Russian grandmother also used, such as a cast-iron iron, a washboard, or an antique porcelain cup? Sitting at a table in a cafe right on the street and drinking coffee, iced tea – the drink of the southern states […]

  • Frisco sights (Texas)

    Frisco is a northern suburb of Dallas. It is located 30 kilometers from downtown Dallas North Tolway, on the border of Denton and Collin counties. Frisco began its history as a small settlement of Lebanon near the railroad station, on the St. Louis-San Francisco line. In the early 20th century, the town received its own […]

  • Plano sights (Texas)

    Plano is a city in the state of Texas, USA. There are numerous businesses in the city, including the Dr. Pepper soda factory. The city’s population is about 250,000 people. Plano is a city in central Texas, part of Collin County. It is one of the major suburbs of Dallas, a few tens of kilometers […]