The World’s Coolest Limos

Needless to say, AAA Limousine follows the world of limousines very, very closely. We like to keep tabs on the industry, and there sure have been a lot of cool developments recently! We love some of the limousines that are available today. So, we got to thinking, “What’s the world’s coolest limousine?”
We couldn’t pick just one limo and call it the coolest in the world, but we happened across some that were visually stunning, some that were unexpected, and many that were just downright cool! So, we thought we’d share a few of our favorites with you.

1. The Limo-trike

limo tr

The Harley-Davidson Limotrike, or “Anaconda,” might be the coolest thing on 3 wheels. Who doesn’t love the roar of a hog out on the open road? Who doesn’t want to get somewhere in style? Motorcycle trips don’t have to be lonely anymore, nor do they have to be cartoonish with passengers riding in a World War II-reminiscent side car now that this bad boy’s available!


2. The Ferrari 360 Limo


The Ferrari 360 limo could be the most technically advanced limousine that has ever been built. These cars are like spaceships, can you imagine what a stretched-out version would be like? The picture we have is of the inside of a regular 360. The other seats in the limousine version look just like this, bucket seats and all!


3. The Austin Mini Limo


Minis are classic. Limos are luxurious. This baby is a classy, luxurious way to get around. Imagine yourself cruising along a highway in the British countryside with James Bond in this thing!


4. Stretch Hummer


You’re not hallucinating. That’s a hot pink stretch Hummer, and it’s awesome. Stretch Hummers, in general, are awesome – but this thing takes the cake. In fact, we love stretch Hummers so much here at AAA Limousine that we have one in our fleet!


5. Limo Bus


Sometimes, a limo doesn’t have enough space and a bus is too big. When this is the case, we can turn to the limo bus. This is a picture of the inside of a Limo Bus. We’re showing you the inside so you can see how great it is. There’s plenty of room for activities!

Not to brag, but we also have a limo bus in our fleet. Sometimes we call it “the party bus.” If you’re interested in renting it, our stretch hummer, or you just need transportation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, give us a call!