Should You Tip Your Limo Driver?

Tipping good service for an indulgence or leisure such as dining at a 5-star restaurant is typically a normal custom. But, what about when it comes to renting a limo service? When a limo arrives to take you to your destination, a well-dressed chauffeur steps out to greet you and make sure your travel needs are met. Just like a taxi driver would be tipped, limo drivers should be tipped as well. However, the tip percentage should be calculated according to the chauffeur’s performance, as well as general tipping rates.


Most limo drivers are paid by an hourly or fixed rate, which both amount to a salary around minimum wage. Tipping him or her after the service provided shows how grateful you are for the hospitality. But how exactly should you tip them? Use these pointers as a guide for your next trip.




Ask About Gratuity

Some luxury transportation companies will add a built-in gratuity to their service bill. This is a billing aspect to watch out for because if you aren’t aware of it, you may wind up tipping the chauffeur twice without realizing. To find out if gratuity is added, call the company ahead of time to ask about it.


Tip According to the Widely Accepted Bill Percentage

The general tipping rate that society follows is 15% to 20% of the bill. You can also follow this tipping standard when rewarding your chauffeur at the end of your travel. Adjust the percentage based on how well you feel that the limo driver did his or her job. For example, if you weren’t pleased, lower the percentage by 5%.


Tip According to the Travel Time Length

Another tipping custom to consider is how long your ride will be. Regardless of the tip percentage standard, the limo driver should be rewarded about 5$ to 10$ for short trips while $10 to $20 should be rewarded for trips over an hour or more.




Tip According to Size of the Luxury Vehicle

Are renting a Hummer limo or just an SUV? Another method for tipping is to base the amount on the size of the vehicle. For large, long limos, 15% can tipped, and short, small limos can be tipped 10%.


Be Courteous

After you’ve utilized all the amenities provided in the vehicle, someone has to clean it all up, and most of the time that person is the chauffeur. If the limo is a mess after your travel, consider paying a higher tip out of courteousness.

Our limo drivers go above and beyond to make sure their passengers are comfortable and relaxed during their trip. Whether the ride is a luxury limo to a wedding reception in Dallas, TX or a car service to the airport in Plano, TX, every passenger is provided with a high-end experience. To book a trip with one of our limo drivers, give us a call today.