Party bus rentals – Why should you rent a party bus for your holiday?


A party bus is a great option for your party, and we will prove it? What is the success of each holiday? Of course it’s a company, but also a venue. Just imagine for a relatively small cost you will get a nightclub on wheels. Rent a party bus in Dallas and you won’t regret it.

What is inside?

First of all, you will get an atmospheric premium-class interior made to order. Leather seats, neon lighting, pylons right in the cabin – all this is included in the interior of the party bus in Dallas (TX).

Also, you can not worry about privacy, all windows are tinted, not only people will not be able to see you, but daylight (if your party starts early) will not leak through the windows. There is enough space in the car interior to be able to dance, sit, stand, whatever.

What’s a party without music?

The sound system will pleasantly surprise you! Inside there are excellent acoustic speakers, as well as an amplifier, which will allow you to enjoy music in high quality.


Neon light creates a special atmosphere, you will not only be pleased to be inside the bus, but also to take gorgeous photos for social networks! Moreover, the backlight can be adjusted as you need, starting from brightness and ending with colors and effects.


Buses are equipped with bars where you can find ice and water. Snacks and alcohol you can arrange yourself, where everything can be placed on the bus!

How many people can I call?

There is no need to worry about this, our buses can accommodate from 20 to 45 people!The cars are roomy and no one will feel discomfort.

Dallas party bus rental prices

Depending on the number of passengers, the price of a car per hour changes:


You can rent a bus for at least 4 hours. To cancel a bus reservation, you must write no later than 14 days in advance, otherwise you will be charged a compensation fee.

However, prices may vary depending on the season, do not forget to contact us and clarify the information.

The party bus always looks great, it’s an unusual and fun way to have fun with friends. The buses are equipped with everything you need, you will have a good time and you will not have to think about anything.