How to Choose the Best Limousine Company

If you’ve had a mediocre limo experience more than once, or have never had a good one at all, you might just assume that you can’t get exactly that you want. But you don’t have to settle for anything less than the best. It’s out there—you just need to know what questions to ask yourself in order to find it. Here are the top three qualities to look for in a limousine company.

Are They Timely?

There’s a saying in this industry: if you’re not early, you’re late. A premier limousine company understands and respects that you have a schedule to stay on top of, and that missing your important meeting or flight could be a serious mishap. For that reason, the right limousine company will always have a policy of early arrival and adhere to it. This is especially important when you need limousine service to the airport.

Are They Accountable?

You don’t just hop into a limo and hope that you driver is sober and won’t overcharge you, do you? When you look for a limousine company, accept only the standards of customer courtesy and safety. The best limousine companies keep a watchful eye on driver behavior and only hire consummate professionals.

At AAA Limousine, for example, each chauffeur is thoroughly vetted and interviewed to determine whether they understand the high level of courtesy we strive to offer. We also perform background checks and substance abuse screening. We deal with any concerns about our chauffeurs or fleet swiftly and professionally—although, thankfully, our customers tend to give us more compliments than complaints.

We hold ourselves accountable for all other details of your journey, including prices. Everything is written clearly into the contract so that you get exactly what you want.

Do They Have Longevity?

Over half of all Dallas-Fort Worth area limo businesses folded during the 2008 recession—but not us. We’ve stayed in business since 1997, at the same location and owned and managed by the same family all the while. With a database of over 2,000 loyal customers, we are one of the most stable, consistent and well-respected limo companies in the area. We have also earned the privilege of being the dedicated transportation provider for several corporations and hotels.

When you look for your next limousine transportation provider, call AAA Limousine first. Go ahead and ask us how we live up to all three of these qualities. We think our answers will satisfy you.