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Four Reasons Why You Should Rent a Limo Service on Your Wedding Day

Four Reasons Why You Should Rent a Limo Service on Your Wedding Day

Making a grand entrance into your wedding reception is one thing to think about, but getting there is another. Your wedding day should be filled with happiness, and laughter, not stress and worry. Those feelings can be avoided in the transportation aspect of the big day with a full service luxury limousine service. By arranging a high-end limousine service to take care of your traveling needs, you and your loved one won’t have to worry about who’s going to drive (save it for those late-married-couple days!).


Every wedding is different, with a specific theme and atmosphere that expresses the uniqueness of the newlyweds, which is why there are so many transportation options to choose from. But, we can tell you first hand why a luxury limo ride tops the chart as the ultimate form of wedding transportation.



Safety is Always First

You are marrying the love of your life, so emotions are soaring. Your feelings of overwhelming happiness could possibly affect your concentration on the road. Leave the careful driving up to the licensed and trained limo driver, who will abide by all the safety rules and regulations of the law. Brides and grooms have the freedom to sit back, relax, and have a drink of champagne or text freely as they make their way to their destination. Plus, the focus stays on each other rather than being interrupted by having to drive.


A Luxurious Unforgettable Experience

As a once-in-a-lifetime event, your wedding should go out with a bang. You and your partner can feel like first-class celebrities with a limo service that caters specifically to your needs. An upscale transportation arrangement will allow you to continue the celebration in classy style, with controllable music and radio, plush leather seating, moonroof, beverages, fiber optic interior lighting, and more. 


Flexible and Affordable Rates  

Most weddings follow a specific budget, and a limo service can too. Some limo service companies may offer various wedding packages and have rental rates by the hour. You can tailor the service to meet your budget and needs accordingly, whether you need car service to the Dallas airport to leave for the honeymoon or need a limo just from the church to the reception. The limo company will work with you to make appropriate arrangements.


The Ride of Your Choice

Would you like to show up to your wedding in an Excursion, Hummer, Limousine or Limo Bus? The choice is all yours! You can pick the vehicle that best matches your wedding theme and personality as a couple to wow the crowd upon your arrival.




The best aspect about renting a limo for your wedding is the timely service you can count on and topnotch customer service you will receive. We are a leading limo service company in the area of Plano, TX, and Dallas TX. Give us a call today for more information about our limo services for weddings.

The Best Luxury Amenities That Come with your Limousine Service



The Best Luxury Amenities That Come with your Limousine Service


Renting a limousine service isn’t just about getting from point A to point B. If it were, it’d probably be considered just another type of taxi, but without the yellow paint exterior. Providing an exclusive ride in a vehicle that is twice as long in length is just one luxury out of many that a limo service offers. Aside from enjoying a spacious interior during travel, passengers get access to a number of niceties that are equipped inside the vehicle. The amenities of a limo are designed to make the travel experience nothing short of first class.


Whether the limo ride is for traveling to a wedding, prom or the airport, the passengers are entitled to the vehicle’s amenities for an unforgettable traveling experience. That’s the goal of a limo service; providing luxury transportation that is unique, relaxing and entertaining. Depending on the type of vehicle you are booking, the amenities may vary, so if you have specific requests, always inform the limo company about your needs.


Wondering what it is exactly that makes limo rides extraordinary? These amazing limo features should be enough evidence.


Flat Screen LCD TV: TV screens hooked up in a luxury limousine? You better believe it! You can watch your favorite show or movie during the ride, which is ideal for long trips over an hour.


Fiber Optic Starlight Headliner: To emit a classy and sophisticated presence, the limo may have elegant lighting such as a fiber optic starlight headliner, which is located on the ceiling.


Beverage Bar: Anything in the limo’s beverage bar is typically up for grabs. The beverage bar is stocked up with stemware, ice, bottled water and sometimes soda. Passengers are allowed to bring their liquor so that they can use the beverage bar to their advantage.




Moon Roof: Want to see a beautiful view of the skyscrapers or the starlit sky? Just open up the moon roof for a fresh breeze and an open sight of what’s above.


Leather Seats: Passengers can sit back and revel in comfortable, spacious leather seats inside the limo. The love seat is perfect for couples who want to cuddle while friends can enjoy sitting in the long cushion seats.


Surround Sound System: Music is a must-have when traveling, and a limo ride is no exception. When you play music, the surround sound system allows everyone on the vehicle to be able to hear it loud and clear, no matter where they are sitting.


Bluetooth Connection: Forget hassling with the radio or CD player. The Bluetooth connection allows you to conveniently configure the stereo system to your cell phone or other mobile device. Instantly play your favorite tracks directly from your playlist.


Radio/CD Player: Every limo is usually equipped with a hi-tech radio or CD player for playing beats throughout the ride.


Limo amenities such as these lavish vehicle features are available in most luxury vehicles such as a Hummer, Excursion or Limobus. Booking a limo for your special occasion is the perfect way to celebrate, allowing you and guests to have the travel experience of a lifetime. It’s the best way to show up to your destination in style – classy and glamorous!


**We also provide luxury car service to the airport near Frisco, Dallas and Plano, TX! Schedule your ride with us!

Should You Tip Your Limo Driver?

Should You Tip Your Limo Driver?


Tipping good service for an indulgence or leisure such as dining at a 5-star restaurant is typically a normal custom. But, what about when it comes to renting a limo service? When a limo arrives to take you to your destination, a well-dressed chauffeur steps out to greet you and make sure your travel needs are met. Just like a taxi driver would be tipped, limo drivers should be tipped as well. However, the tip percentage should be calculated according to the chauffeur’s performance, as well as general tipping rates.


Most limo drivers are paid by an hourly or fixed rate, which both amount to a salary around minimum wage. Tipping him or her after the service provided shows how grateful you are for the hospitality. But how exactly should you tip them? Use these pointers as a guide for your next trip.




Ask About Gratuity

Some luxury transportation companies will add a built-in gratuity to their service bill. This is a billing aspect to watch out for because if you aren’t aware of it, you may wind up tipping the chauffeur twice without realizing. To find out if gratuity is added, call the company ahead of time to ask about it.


Tip According to the Widely Accepted Bill Percentage

The general tipping rate that society follows is 15% to 20% of the bill. You can also follow this tipping standard when rewarding your chauffeur at the end of your travel. Adjust the percentage based on how well you feel that the limo driver did his or her job. For example, if you weren’t pleased, lower the percentage by 5%.


Tip According to the Travel Time Length

Another tipping custom to consider is how long your ride will be. Regardless of the tip percentage standard, the limo driver should be rewarded about 5$ to 10$ for short trips while $10 to $20 should be rewarded for trips over an hour or more.




Tip According to Size of the Luxury Vehicle

Are renting a Hummer limo or just an SUV? Another method for tipping is to base the amount on the size of the vehicle. For large, long limos, 15% can tipped, and short, small limos can be tipped 10%.


Be Courteous

After you’ve utilized all the amenities provided in the vehicle, someone has to clean it all up, and most of the time that person is the chauffeur. If the limo is a mess after your travel, consider paying a higher tip out of courteousness.


Our limo drivers go above and beyond to make sure their passengers are comfortable and relaxed during their trip. Whether the ride is a luxury limo to a wedding reception in Dallas, TX or a car service to the airport in Plano, TX, every passenger is provided with a high-end experience. To book a trip with one of our limo drivers, give us a call today.




The World’s Coolest Limos

Needless to say, AAA Limousine follows the world of limousines very, very closely. We like to keep tabs on the industry, and there sure have been a lot of cool developments recently! We love some of the limousines that are available today. So, we got to thinking, “What’s the world’s coolest limousine?”
We couldn’t pick just one limo and call it the coolest in the world, but we happened across some that were visually stunning, some that were unexpected, and many that were just downright cool! So, we thought we’d share a few of our favorites with you.

1. The Limo-trike
limo tr
The Harley-Davidson Limotrike, or “Anaconda,” might be the coolest thing on 3 wheels. Who doesn’t love the roar of a hog out on the open road? Who doesn’t want to get somewhere in style? Motorcycle trips don’t have to be lonely anymore, nor do they have to be cartoonish with passengers riding in a World War II-reminiscent side car now that this bad boy’s available!

2. The Ferrari 360 Limo
The Ferrari 360 limo could be the most technically advanced limousine that has ever been built. These cars are like spaceships, can you imagine what a stretched-out version would be like? The picture we have is of the inside of a regular 360. The other seats in the limousine version look just like this, bucket seats and all!

3. The Austin Mini Limo
Minis are classic. Limos are luxurious. This baby is a classy, luxurious way to get around. Imagine yourself cruising along a highway in the British countryside with James Bond in this thing!

4. Stretch Hummer
You’re not hallucinating. That’s a hot pink stretch Hummer, and it’s awesome. Stretch Hummers, in general, are awesome – but this thing takes the cake. In fact, we love stretch Hummers so much here at AAA Limousine that we have one in our fleet!

5. Limo Bus
Sometimes, a limo doesn’t have enough space and a bus is too big. When this is the case, we can turn to the limo bus. This is a picture of the inside of a Limo Bus. We’re showing you the inside so you can see how great it is. There’s plenty of room for activities!

Not to brag, but we also have a limo bus in our fleet. Sometimes we call it “the party bus.” If you’re interested in renting it, our stretch hummer, or you just need transportation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, give us a call!

How to Choose the Best Limousine Company

If you’ve had a mediocre limo experience more than once, or have never had a good one at all, you might just assume that you can’t get exactly that you want. But you don’t have to settle for anything less than the best. It’s out there—you just need to know what questions to ask yourself in order to find it. Here are the top three qualities to look for in a limousine company.

Are They Timely?

There’s a saying in this industry: if you’re not early, you’re late. A premier limousine company understands and respects that you have a schedule to stay on top of, and that missing your important meeting or flight could be a serious mishap. For that reason, the right limousine company will always have a policy of early arrival and adhere to it. This is especially important when you need limousine service to the airport.

Are They Accountable?

You don’t just hop into a limo and hope that you driver is sober and won’t overcharge you, do you? When you look for a limousine company, accept only the standards of customer courtesy and safety. The best limousine companies keep a watchful eye on driver behavior and only hire consummate professionals.

At AAA Limousine, for example, each chauffeur is thoroughly vetted and interviewed to determine whether they understand the high level of courtesy we strive to offer. We also perform background checks and substance abuse screening. We deal with any concerns about our chauffeurs or fleet swiftly and professionally—although, thankfully, our customers tend to give us more compliments than complaints.

We hold ourselves accountable for all other details of your journey, including prices. Everything is written clearly into the contract so that you get exactly what you want.

Do They Have Longevity?

Over half of all Dallas-Fort Worth area limo businesses folded during the 2008 recession—but not us. We’ve stayed in business since 1997, at the same location and owned and managed by the same family all the while. With a database of over 2,000 loyal customers, we are one of the most stable, consistent and well-respected limo companies in the area. We have also earned the privilege of being the dedicated transportation provider for several corporations and hotels.

When you look for your next limousine transportation provider, call AAA Limousine first. Go ahead and ask us how we live up to all three of these qualities. We think our answers will satisfy you.